Thursday, June 26, 2014

Child Choking Hazards and Tips On How to Avoid Them

As a parent your biggest fear is losing your child to an accident or to a situation that could have been easily avoided.

Sometimes we don't think certain foods may pose a choking hazard. The following are TIPS on how to avoid choking hazards for your child:

  1. One of the best things a parent can do is to take  a CPR Course. At least you have a fighting chance to save your child in an unfortunate circumstance OR someone else's child (with of course expressed permissions.)
  3. Cut Food into no larger than 1/2 inch cubes
  5. Make sure your child is always sitting upright when eating and focusing on eating
  7. Don't feed Children in the car
  9.  Cut These Up in half's or quarters
  10.            Grapes  
               Cherry Tomatos
               Cheese cubes

  11. Boil & mash these in the same water as you boiled them to retain nutrients, or grate them
  12.           Carrots  
              Chunks of meat


  Using the Bebedelice You Get the Best of All Worlds
          • heats and reheats bottles and small jars,
          • sterilises bottles,
          • steams fresh food without losing its vitamin content
          • defrosts and preserves.
          • blends

  1. Cut It Up into small pieces slice lengthwise, children might bite off more than they can chew
  2.            Hotdogs

  3. These would be best avoided
  4.            Popcorn
               Tortilla Chips
               Hard Candy
               Bubble Gum
               Gummy Bears
               Nuts & Seeds
  5. Try Using a Baby Feeder for These
  6.            Frozen Blueberries
               Frozen Strawberries
               Frozen Raspberries
               Frozen Banana Pieces
               Grapes & Cherry Tomatoes

    The Clevafeed is the safest most hygienic way to introduce your child to solids including fruits and vegetables
          • Introduce your child to solids without the risk of choking
          • Hygienic easy clean silicone teat
          • Includes handy travel cover for when you are on the go
          • 6+ Months


  1. Large Clumps of Peanut Butter are Choking Hazards

  2.           Spread the peanut butter or other thick substance thinly on bread or crackers
  3. Small Items Known to be High Risk Choking Hazards

  4.           Balloons
              Pen /Marker Caps
              Hair Barrettes

Baby Ride Safe - Looking Out For Your Child's' Best Interests

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Scared About Phil & Ted's Car Seat Adaptor Recall?

Car Seat Adaptors

Car seat adaptors attach specific car seats to specific strollers. 

This is a great investment if you have found a cool stroller and really want to keep your infant car seat before your child graduates to a stroller status. 


Guzzie & Guss Universal Car Seat Adaptor 

 Compatible with the following car seat models:
  • Graco: Snugride, Snugride 32, Safe Seat
  • Peg Perego: Primo Viggio, Viaggio SIP
  • Chicco: Key Fit
  • Maxo Cosi: Mico
  • Britax: Chaperone, B-Safe
  • Combi: Center DX

This Car Seat Adaptor is compatible with the Gabriola & The Connect+ Stroller Systems which are exceptionally good quality and virtually the best strollers on the market.


Another example of a good idea that has gone bad. Right now there is a Recall for: 

Phil & Teds Travel System 26 (TS 26) Adaptor

The Travel System 26 (TS 26) is compatible with the following car seats and Phil &Teds stroller models, currently available in Canada:

Car Seats:

  • Maxi Cosi Cabriofix,
  • Maxi Cosi Mico,
  • Maxi Cosi Pebble.

Phil &Teds Strollers:

  • Classic,
  • Dot,
  • Explorer,
  • Hammerhead,
  • Navigator,
  • S3,
  • S4.


When subjected to freezing temperatures the Travel System TS 26 can crack and cause the car seat to become unstable posing a fall hazard to infants.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Baby Safe Sleeping Techniques

Finding ways to prevent your baby from overheating is crucial to SIDS Prevention!

SIDS is the leading cause of death in infants 1 month to 1 year old. The best way to safely sleep your baby is:
  • To sleep your baby on his/her back from birth (refrain from the tummy or the side)
  • Ensure that your baby's head and face are uncovered
  • Don't Over Bundle Your Baby
  • Keep your baby in your room with you up to the 1st year
  • Breastfeeding Reduces the chance of SIDS, Not only does it reduce SIDS it is also better for your baby in so many ways!!!
  • Keep your home dust and smoke free
  • Use a fan, it reduces SIDS up to 70%
  • Avoid soft bedding in cribs
  • Use a dental pacifier when putting your baby to sleep
  • Don't use Crib Bumpers

When Shopping for Safe Baby Products Look For Items That Are Award Winning & Specify Their Intent:
Breathable Wearable Blanket
Breathable Baby Wearable Blanket:
Promotes airflow, Prevents SIDS, Keeps baby safe from Suffocation,Overheating, Sweating & Entanglement  
Bebejou Pacifier
Bebejou Pacifier:
Ecofriendly, Dental Soother, Prevents Rashes on Mouth, Silicone, Mouth Shield Has Ventilation Holes
Breathable Baby Crib Liner
Breathable Baby Crib Liner:
Promotes airflow, Prevents SIDS, Keeps baby safe from suffocation & Entanglement

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Toy Recalls & What To Look For When You Are Buying Toys

Is this an Epidemic From Lack of Quality Control 
Or Stupidity?

March 25, 2014 

My Sweet Baby Cuddle Care Doll

The sweet doll  that laughs, cries, coughs & gets red cheeks so your child can play doctor and learn how to nurture! What a wonderful thought. But....

This sweet doll that sells at Walmart has INTERNAL ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS that may overheat and potentially cause a burn hazard!

In what world do we give a toddler any toy that has electrical components that could cause harm? This toy is mass produced in China. There have been 18 reports of incidents of burns or blisters to the thumb.


The doll is dressed in a pink outfit with green & white flowers & a matching cap. The doll comes packaged with a stethoscope, syringe, thermometer, spoon & medicine bottle & is identified with Item#30692735.

April 4, 2014  

Orkid Toys RECALLS Meebie Plush Toy

This toy is a soft plush animal that comes with a variety of removable Velcro pieces so that your child can change its emotions & allows you children to express emotions non-verbally.

Some these peices have been recalled due to choking hazards just discovered for small children! Are you kidding me? These toys have been on the market for 2 years. Made in China. 

Note: These toys were sold online or through Source RE Source.

What to look for when purchasing toys

  1.  When buying toys, look for sturdy well built ones that include the manufacturer's contact information
  2.  Read & Follow all age labels & safety messages. Toys for older children may have small parts or other hazards that make them unsafe for younger children
  3. Keep small toys & any loose parts out of the reach of small children under 3 years of age. (These are choking hazards that can lead to death)
  4. Repair or throw away broken toys. Check frequently for loose parts, broken peices or sharp edges that could potentially cause harm
  5. Keep all plush & soft toys away from sources that could cause a fire namely: fireplaces, stoves, heaters & electrical outlets. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Infant Deaths and Baby Carrier's Know The Facts!!!

Over a Million Infantino Baby Slings were Recalled After Links Of Infant Deaths

"SlingRider" and "Wendy Bellissimo" Recalled


If you are going to use a Baby Sling make sure of the following:

  1.  Your baby is over 4 Months Old
  2.  That the slings fabric is not covering your baby's nose & mouth
  3. Avoid "C like positions" where the baby is carried below your chest or near your belly (this causes the baby's neck to flop forward restricting proper air flow)
  4. Make sure you use an upright sling that that keeps your baby solid against your body.
  5. Make sure your baby's legs are not pushed up against their chest, this can also restrict breathing
  6. Keep your baby's face in view
  7. Baby's born premature or who are sick are at high risk for breathing problems
Slings themselves are a wonderful invention  I personally used one right up until recently when I thought my back was finally going to give out, I think 50 lbs is enough? Don't You?

Slings are like having "tummy time" all the time! They are a great way to provide security to your baby (and to you), feed your baby, vacuum or work while the baby sleeps, keep your baby calm.

When you buy a sling or baby carrier you might want to:

  1. Choose a model with easy to understand instructions
  2. Buy a product that fits you & your baby well (make sure you can see your baby's face)
  3. Check with your retailer or the manufacturer to ensure that the sling or baby carrier meets the ASTM-F2907-12 Consumer Safety Specifications for Sling Carriers Standard.
 Below you will find slings that meet these requirements & are easy to use. 

Baby Ride Safe strives to provide you with the safest eco-friendly baby products!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Hanging Highchair

Anyone with Children Knows the Hardship of Travelling, Eating Out and Keeping Children Comfortable at the Dinner Table

I hate to admit that I eat out a lot more than I should. If I am lucky enough to have a high chair available at a restaurant or a booster seat, my child does not want to sit in it.  If I am visiting relatives there is always the underlying problem of the seat height vs table height. If you are anything like me your child normally ends up in your lap or standing on the chair. 

Don't get me wrong I love cuddle time with my child, but with the little time I have available to eat I want to be able to get some nourishment.  When I stumbled upon this product I was intrigued and hoped it would be the solution to my issues. What I discovered was that is was so much more!

My child embraced this chair (which comes in 4 colours), it took some coaxing but once my child used it he was sold on it. He now ate off the table with us, which made him feel like he was no longer an outsider, and insisted that he use this chair for every feeding.  Mommy had her chair, Daddy had his chair and now Baby had his chair. He wasn't as picky with his eating, he was happier.

This chair has been used for playtime at the table, whether he is painting, using play-dough or drawing.  This is Baby's chair and it can be used almost anywhere, in most restaurants up to around the age of 3 years or 37 lbs whichever comes first. Compact with a Carrying Case, Nothing More you Could Ask For!

Right Now YOU can ENTER to WIN a FREE HANGING HIGHCHAIR, all you need to do is LIKE Baby Ride Safe on FACEBOOK!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Great Ways To Feed Your Baby!

Let me start by saying that, if you can, I am a firm believer in breastfeeding your child exclusively till the age of around 1 year.

Some children’s digestive tracts mature quicker than others and are able to accept solids from 8-12 months. If you are formula feeding it is imperative that you feed solids starting at 6 months of age.

Sometimes you just need a break! The Pacific Baby bottles are a fabulous way for getting extra sleep or for any babysitter watching your baby or toddler. These bottles are stainless steel, anti-bacterial and will hold fluids warm for up to 6 hrs (4 oz) or 10 hrs (7 oz).  They are transition from birth to toddler and come with a warranty.  No more worrying about anyone having to prepare a heated baby bottle for your child. You prepare and leave the bottle for the trusted person that is watching your child.  These are also great if you are traveling. Nothing puts baby to sleep better than a warm bottle.


Once you and your baby are ready to try solid foods I would recommend starting with organic sweet potato.This vegetable is jam packed full of nutrients (more than any other vegetable) is easy to cook, freeze and thaw. 
The Bebedelice is great for sterilizing bottles, cooking (without losing nutrients), pureeing, defrosting and
preserving. Keep in mind you need to introduce each food slowly to your child ensuring that your child does
not have a sensitivity or reaction to the food.

Once you have pureed your food place it in storage containers that can be put in the fridge or the freezer and will give you between 2-3 weeks of feeding.