Thursday, June 26, 2014

Child Choking Hazards and Tips On How to Avoid Them

As a parent your biggest fear is losing your child to an accident or to a situation that could have been easily avoided.

Sometimes we don't think certain foods may pose a choking hazard. The following are TIPS on how to avoid choking hazards for your child:

  1. One of the best things a parent can do is to take  a CPR Course. At least you have a fighting chance to save your child in an unfortunate circumstance OR someone else's child (with of course expressed permissions.)
  3. Cut Food into no larger than 1/2 inch cubes
  5. Make sure your child is always sitting upright when eating and focusing on eating
  7. Don't feed Children in the car
  9.  Cut These Up in half's or quarters
  10.            Grapes  
               Cherry Tomatos
               Cheese cubes

  11. Boil & mash these in the same water as you boiled them to retain nutrients, or grate them
  12.           Carrots  
              Chunks of meat


  Using the Bebedelice You Get the Best of All Worlds
          • heats and reheats bottles and small jars,
          • sterilises bottles,
          • steams fresh food without losing its vitamin content
          • defrosts and preserves.
          • blends

  1. Cut It Up into small pieces slice lengthwise, children might bite off more than they can chew
  2.            Hotdogs

  3. These would be best avoided
  4.            Popcorn
               Tortilla Chips
               Hard Candy
               Bubble Gum
               Gummy Bears
               Nuts & Seeds
  5. Try Using a Baby Feeder for These
  6.            Frozen Blueberries
               Frozen Strawberries
               Frozen Raspberries
               Frozen Banana Pieces
               Grapes & Cherry Tomatoes

    The Clevafeed is the safest most hygienic way to introduce your child to solids including fruits and vegetables
          • Introduce your child to solids without the risk of choking
          • Hygienic easy clean silicone teat
          • Includes handy travel cover for when you are on the go
          • 6+ Months


  1. Large Clumps of Peanut Butter are Choking Hazards

  2.           Spread the peanut butter or other thick substance thinly on bread or crackers
  3. Small Items Known to be High Risk Choking Hazards

  4.           Balloons
              Pen /Marker Caps
              Hair Barrettes

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