Monday, May 19, 2014

Baby Safe Sleeping Techniques

Finding ways to prevent your baby from overheating is crucial to SIDS Prevention!

SIDS is the leading cause of death in infants 1 month to 1 year old. The best way to safely sleep your baby is:
  • To sleep your baby on his/her back from birth (refrain from the tummy or the side)
  • Ensure that your baby's head and face are uncovered
  • Don't Over Bundle Your Baby
  • Keep your baby in your room with you up to the 1st year
  • Breastfeeding Reduces the chance of SIDS, Not only does it reduce SIDS it is also better for your baby in so many ways!!!
  • Keep your home dust and smoke free
  • Use a fan, it reduces SIDS up to 70%
  • Avoid soft bedding in cribs
  • Use a dental pacifier when putting your baby to sleep
  • Don't use Crib Bumpers

When Shopping for Safe Baby Products Look For Items That Are Award Winning & Specify Their Intent:
Breathable Wearable Blanket
Breathable Baby Wearable Blanket:
Promotes airflow, Prevents SIDS, Keeps baby safe from Suffocation,Overheating, Sweating & Entanglement  
Bebejou Pacifier
Bebejou Pacifier:
Ecofriendly, Dental Soother, Prevents Rashes on Mouth, Silicone, Mouth Shield Has Ventilation Holes
Breathable Baby Crib Liner
Breathable Baby Crib Liner:
Promotes airflow, Prevents SIDS, Keeps baby safe from suffocation & Entanglement

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