Saturday, February 23, 2013

Great Ways To Feed Your Baby!

Let me start by saying that, if you can, I am a firm believer in breastfeeding your child exclusively till the age of around 1 year.

Some children’s digestive tracts mature quicker than others and are able to accept solids from 8-12 months. If you are formula feeding it is imperative that you feed solids starting at 6 months of age.

Sometimes you just need a break! The Pacific Baby bottles are a fabulous way for getting extra sleep or for any babysitter watching your baby or toddler. These bottles are stainless steel, anti-bacterial and will hold fluids warm for up to 6 hrs (4 oz) or 10 hrs (7 oz).  They are transition from birth to toddler and come with a warranty.  No more worrying about anyone having to prepare a heated baby bottle for your child. You prepare and leave the bottle for the trusted person that is watching your child.  These are also great if you are traveling. Nothing puts baby to sleep better than a warm bottle.


Once you and your baby are ready to try solid foods I would recommend starting with organic sweet potato.This vegetable is jam packed full of nutrients (more than any other vegetable) is easy to cook, freeze and thaw. 
The Bebedelice is great for sterilizing bottles, cooking (without losing nutrients), pureeing, defrosting and
preserving. Keep in mind you need to introduce each food slowly to your child ensuring that your child does
not have a sensitivity or reaction to the food.

Once you have pureed your food place it in storage containers that can be put in the fridge or the freezer and will give you between 2-3 weeks of feeding.



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