Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Hanging Highchair

Anyone with Children Knows the Hardship of Travelling, Eating Out and Keeping Children Comfortable at the Dinner Table

I hate to admit that I eat out a lot more than I should. If I am lucky enough to have a high chair available at a restaurant or a booster seat, my child does not want to sit in it.  If I am visiting relatives there is always the underlying problem of the seat height vs table height. If you are anything like me your child normally ends up in your lap or standing on the chair. 

Don't get me wrong I love cuddle time with my child, but with the little time I have available to eat I want to be able to get some nourishment.  When I stumbled upon this product I was intrigued and hoped it would be the solution to my issues. What I discovered was that is was so much more!

My child embraced this chair (which comes in 4 colours), it took some coaxing but once my child used it he was sold on it. He now ate off the table with us, which made him feel like he was no longer an outsider, and insisted that he use this chair for every feeding.  Mommy had her chair, Daddy had his chair and now Baby had his chair. He wasn't as picky with his eating, he was happier.

This chair has been used for playtime at the table, whether he is painting, using play-dough or drawing.  This is Baby's chair and it can be used almost anywhere, in most restaurants up to around the age of 3 years or 37 lbs whichever comes first. Compact with a Carrying Case, Nothing More you Could Ask For!

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